We refine and realize your ideas and needs

We are Need+

A company with an innovative production unit where the most complex and peculiar ideas turns into reality. We strive to create impressive, one of a kind displays for specific products, to be shown in stores, at shows or events.

We combine the physical displays with digital solutions, for additional effects, data gathering and related campaign information.

With leading expertise in details, we produce everything you need for permanent stores, such as furniture and more common materials for your campaigns or events.

All this happens at our premises in Järfälla, just north of Stockholm, and is crafted by skilled people and a wide range of adapted machinery.

Our Projects

För oss på need+ har det varit en vår då nya möjligheter har skapats, vi har tillsammans med @skyltar beslutat att gemensamt möta framtiden i ett gemensamt bolag. Detta för att skapa en större och bättre produktion, där vi kompletterar needs snickeri och metallproduktion med Skyltar och sånts printproduktion.

Hör gärna av er så berättar vi mer!

Julfoliering Sonos. ...

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What we do at Need+

We have a wide variety of skilled craftsmen, with a great amount of experience. Some from having worked with us for up to 30 years, some young, with the mindset of that nothing is impossible, all curious, ingenious, dedicated and eager to deliver according to our promises.

Of course, we make sure that everything we produce is mounted wherever you need it installed.


In our machinery park we have laser machines that can cut wood, plastic and acrylic. The width of the cutting designs can be very small using laser cutting, compared to other methods. This makes the cutting accuracy extremely precise and helps getting more products out of a single piece of material, also meaning less waste. We use the cut-out parts in our carpentry or for contract productions.

Our 3D milling machine, that can handle the volume of about 2 cubic meters, mills in materials like styrofoam, MDF, plywood or uriol. Here we also manufacture plugs for our vacuum forming and of course 3D model replicas out of any drawing, picture of product. Our 3D printer often is our saviour when it comes to produce the small part that makes the big difference in some productions.


The carpentry is well equipped with a large number of different tools, industrial saws, grinders and lathes. And foremost we have our talented carpenters, that can handle most of both fine carpentry and mass production of furniture or promotional materials.

There are several large mounting tables on which every production is assembled and tested before moving in our production chain.


We have our own paint box for liquid coating, painting and varnishing, where we manage to paint large furniture – sections up to 5 meters long.

The heating system in the paint box, reached a burning level of 60 degrees, and enables us to dry the paint in a few hours, which is essential for speeding up the process.

We have a separate grinding room, to isolate most of the dust, where all furniture is prepared before going into the paint box.

Our painting process is foremost used for our own projects, however from time to time we take on external productions.

Graphic Studio

In the Graphic Studio our printmakers ensure that originals, drawings and designs hold the necessary quality and that the colours and lines are correct, sharp and adapted for print.
On the production side they also make sure that constructions have a valid bearing capacity and will hold and last when being built.

Our printers produce high-quality prints on both foils, fabrics and wallpaper as well as on heavier sheet materials such as acrylic, forex and wood. On our large mounting tables, we contour cut texts and decals, here we also make the preparations such as laminating and mounting. Of course, are mounting on site as well.

Lightning Department

We produce our own illuminated signs and if you want your logo shining with light, you have found the right place to get it. Today, facade signs and light signs usually uses of LED lighting, which are energy efficient, more environmentally friendly and have a longer shelf life. This technology is still constantly evolving.

There are endless possible combinations for light signs. Your brand can be presented in the form of a light box or separate letters. The signs can be made in different materials and different effects of light can be added. There is also a great deal of variation in the way of mounting the sign, on a wall, as a flag or like a pendant from the ceiling.

Metal workshop

In our metal workshop, skilled blacksmiths work with assisting the business with different types of metalwork and metal constructions.

There are a variety of machines and tools for milling, drilling, grinding, welding and cutting of metal. Everything from producing different samples and prototypes, to designing larger constructions in different types of metals.

Warehousing and Logistics

We handle inventory and logistics of everything we produce, this to ensure that our customers’ materials are always ready for use and arrive on time. In combination with our workshop, we can always check that materials that come back from a fair, for example, are always reviewed and repaired if needed.


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